A purpose of life is to learn
and grow, to befriend ,
dare, and enjoy beauty.
Pat and Rod Liner,
Owners: European, India, Australia/New
Zealand,Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Turkey
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Comments from our past clients:

"We have traveled all over the world
independently. The last six years we
have traveled with the Liners,
experiencing all the joys of travel but
without the hass
"The Liners offer a delightful trip.
We enjoyed the flexibility which
allowed us to choose from many
sightseeing activities. We especially
enjoyed spending three weeks in
"I have been on 13 SET trips. We
have done so many different
destinations that its hard to single
out the best. The trips to Turkey,
Russia, Australia, New Zealand
and Spain/Portugal really stand
out. As a single traveler I have
felt very included in every aspect.
of the tour."
Our recent tours to Slovenia and
Croatia and Eastern Europe were 19
days of intellectual stimulation,
fantastic hotels,
excellent guides, superb regional
cuisine and good old fun.