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Rod has a Masters Degree in
History from Stanford. Pat is a
well-know Bay Area
India gets into your soul and won't let go.  On our tour
to Southern India, you will experience:
  • A green, tropical climate
  • a multi-cultural society with a substantial Catholic
    influence because of Portuguese colonization
  • the cuisine of the Spice Capital of the World
  • grand palaces of maharajas
  • ancient stone carvings and temples
  • a game preserve with leopards, tigers, elephants
  • and colorful birds.
  • hotels that are tops:  Taj West End, Bangalore; Serai
    Lodge, Kabini; Royal Orchard Metropole, Mysore;
  • Taj Exotica, Goa; The Brunton Boatyard Hotel,
    Kochi; Leela Palace, Chennai
  • Diwali, the most important national holiday.
You will:
  • lounge in hammocks, stroll or ride bikes on pristine
    beaches, ride an elephant, have a cooking class,
    cruise the backwaters of Kerala , enjoy Dathakli
    dancers, stroll a Jewish quarter with antique shops,
    see the world's tallest monolithic sculpture, visit a
    school, have dinner with a local family and stand at
    the tomb of St. Thomas.